Brainomix announces the CE Mark certificate for the new e-CTA software

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OXFORD, England,  May 11, 2018  / PRNewswire / –

e-CTA  pro provides fast automated collateral evaluations that use IA and big data  and are based on CTA analysis

Brainomix, a medical imaging software company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) for rapid diagnosis and treatment of stroke victims, has received CE Mark approval for its new e-CTA software, allowing it to launch an innovative technology in Europe. e-CTA will help physicians make confident decisions to treat or transfer patients with stroke from small hospitals to full spill centers.

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With e-CTA, Brainomix provides a new AI-based software solution that integrates seamlessly into the clinical pathway for acute spill treatment, complementing the already successful e-ASPECTS software. e-CTA will help physicians with the interpretation of CTA images  of  patients with acute effusion through the automatic application of the validated CTA-CS score. The doctors will be able to access the e-CTA results in just a few minutes showing the evaluation of the collateral blood supply by means of a colored heat map and visualizing the cerebral vessels. The results can be accessed by means of e-mail, through DICOM or even in a web browser interface.

“E-CTA is designed to speed things up when it comes to decision making in acute spill treatment, which is when time matters. Instead of having to visualize several hundred portions of images from sources, the doctor is guided to the relevant discovery and can focus on it. In addition, by means of the objective quantification of collaterals, it can help in a valuable way in making treatment decisions within that period of time, “said Dr.  Christian Herweh , consultant in interventional neuroradiology at Heidelberg University Hospital.

“We are very pleased to have received the approval of the CE Mark for e-CTA. Our new technology represents a breakthrough in providing physicians with spills with a valuable tool that supports their vital treatment decisions. e-CTA is a new milestone for the company just one month after announcing our last investment round. We plan to continue to improve our technologies following the advances in our rapidly evolving field, “explained Dr.  Michalis Papadakis , CEO of Brainomix.

Brainomix will be present at the 4 th  European Stroke Organization Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, to be held from 16 to 18 May 2018. Information related to e-CTA, in addition to its other products, will be available at the booth of Brainomix ( # 7) in the main exhibition hall. For more information about Brainomix, visit the website

About Brainomix:
Brainomix, a medical diagnostic software company, was founded in 2010 as a subsidiary of the University of Oxford and is dedicated to improving outcomes for patients with neurological and cerebrovascular disorders. Brainomix currently focuses on acute ischemic stroke. By developing and equipping physicians with world-class medical imaging software, Brainomix aims to help them make life-saving treatment decisions supporting the selection of the right treatment for the patient with adequate effusion.

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