First successful trans-femoral mitral valve repair device DragonFly™ performed in China

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HANGZHOU, ChinaJuly 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — On July 23, 2020, Professor Jian’an Wang’s team at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine successfully completed the world’s first human clinical application of the transcatheter mitral valve repair system (DragonFly™) developed by Hangzhou Valgen Medtech Co.,Ltd. This marks a major breakthrough in the field of mitral valve intervention in China.

In this case, a 77-year-old female patient was diagnosed with severe functional mitral regurgitation and repeated heart failure episodes even after optimal medical treatment. The cardiac team evaluated the patient as unsuitable for surgical thoracotomy. Prof. Jian’an Wang’s team decided to choose the DragonFly™ Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair System to perform the edge-to-edge repair operation. The degree of mitral regurgitation decreased by less than 2 grades. The patient walked well on the second day after the operation, and the clinical symptoms is significantly relieved.

The surgery was performed independently by Professor Jian’an Wang’s team. Prof. Scott Lim from the University of Virginia Medical Center and Prof. Yixian Lin from Hong Kong Asia Pacific Medical Center had a real-time technical exchange with Prof. Wang’s team via video link.

Professor Jian’an Wang said after the operation, “As China’s population is aging, heart valve disease has become a major cardiovascular disease. Transcatheter mitral valve intervention brings hope to these patients who cannot tolerate cardiac surgery due to their advanced age, poor cardiac function, and other organ dysfunctions. In this case, the DragonFly™ device had achieve excellent operation results. We look forward to further studies to prove the effectiveness and safety of the DragonFly™ device.

SOURCE Hangzhou Valgen Medtech Co., Ltd.

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