MediLynx Cardiac Monitoring Awarded Patent for Remote ECG Monitoring With Full Disclosure ECG Signal Transmission

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PLANO, TexasMay 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — MediLynx Cardiac Monitoring LLC today announced the company has received a patent for its PocketECG full-disclosure ECG monitoring and transmission technology with patient symptomatic event reporting for remote cardiac monitoring. The patent covers use of the technology and methodology for arrhythmia monitoring and for remote or home-based cardiac rehabilitation. The PocketECG integrated arrhythmia monitoring system is cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for ambulatory cardiac monitoring. The company’s cardiac rehabilitation system PocketECG CRS is FDA cleared for ECG monitoring and automated arrhythmia detection during cardiac rehabilitation training in a hospital setting in the US and is approved for remote cardiac rehabilitation monitoring in the European Union. PocketECG CRS is also currently under FDA review for use in the at-home setting in the US.

“There’s a real need for innovation in remote cardiac monitoring,” said Marek Dziubinski, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, MediLynx. “Battery consumption has traditionally limited the power and diagnostic capability of mobile cardiac telemetry. Conventional MCT transmits just a fraction of ECG data on an intermittent basis, triggered by simple algorithms. We have engineered the PocketECG system to provide clinicians with the continuous full-disclosure ECG signal, enabling powerful diagnostic capabilities, sophisticated analysis and real-time decision making.”

Studies have shown continuous full-disclosure online monitoring confers distinct advantages over other monitoring methods such as the 24- or 48-hour Holter, and patch, for high quality analysis and the ability to easily extend monitoring duration to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Full-disclosure ECG monitoring captures all SVT and other very short arrhythmia episodes, and has been shown to increase the diagnostic yield of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and bradyarrhythmia.

PocketECG is an integrated arrhythmia monitoring system that combines Holter, event monitoring and advanced mobile cardiac telemetry in one smartphone sized device, allowing physicians to monitor a patient’s heart rhythm, rate and symptoms remotely for up to 30 days. The PocketECG system captures, classifies and streams every heartbeat to the cloud where deep learning AI algorithms are applied against a full data set for more accurate detection of abnormalities and arrhythmia. Patients record symptoms directly on the device allowing for direct correlation between symptoms and an arrhythmia event. All data are streamed via mobile telephony network to a secure online clinician portal and to a cardiac monitoring center for constant monitoring, evaluation, and urgent notifications.

The PocketECG CRS monitors a patient’s heart rhythm and heart rate during all phases of the cardiac rehabilitation process to allow both patients and clinicians to safely guide the intensity and duration of workouts in real time.

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