PaceMate™ Partners with SeaMercy on Pacific Islands Healthcare Mission

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BRADENTON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PaceMateTM announces today the volunteer partnership between CEO Kevin R. Campbell, MD, FACC, and SeaMercy, an Oregon-based charity committed to providing medical relief to underprivileged natives in the South Pacific. PaceMateTM is a compassion-driven digital healthcare company committed to providing fully integrated remote monitoring services for cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIEDs) to patients throughout the world.

Beginning August 12, 2018, Dr. Campbell will be leading a medical team on a journey to a remote chain of islands 200 km off the coast of mainland Fiji. Campbell and his team will be providing much needed medical care—from physical exams to treatment of acute illnesses. Many of the island village patients which the team plans to serve have never had any formal medical care at all and have also been severely impacted by Pacific cyclones during the past several years.

Campbell successfully served as medical director for a similar mission to the island of Batiki last summer and is excited to return again this year. “As CEO of a company committed to providing outstanding service to patients who may not be able to get to a physician’s office for a pacemaker or ICD check, it is only natural for me to commit to personal service for underserved populations such as those in the Southern Lau chain.”

Campbell will be working alongside six other medical professionals as part of a free Floating Health Care Clinic (FHCC). SeaMercy’s Floating Health Care Clinic consists of multiple vessels with volunteer captains operating from April through October. These vessels provide FHCC services throughout Fiji and also serve the 50+ remote islands in the northern and southern Lau group.

Campbell states, “I was humbled by the incredible impact we were able to make last year with SeaMercy. To be honest, I felt like I gained as much, if not more, personally from the villagers as I provided to them in healthcare. Our company, PaceMate™, is committed to volunteering with SeaMercy and contributing to their humanitarian mission on an annual basis—it is part of the PaceMate™ culture.”

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Kevin Campbell, MD, FACC, 919-614-1871

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